What are the opportunities for well-paying jobs in the United States?

I've been having a lot of conversation with a friend about this. I make the statement that there aren't that many well-paying jobs in USA, even if USA appears to be a rich country, if viewed from the outside.

I am also concerned, as an american, with the idea. It's not good for me, if my country in fact does not have many high-paying jobs.

In this analysis, I specifically exclude digital technology such as software development. This would be a topic for another article, and also I believe there are as many web development jobs outside united states, as inside.

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Let's read the article titled

Biden is giving Intel $8.5 billion for big semiconductor projects in 4 states

CHANDLER, Ariz. — President Biden announced a deal with Intel that will give the chipmaker up to $8.5 billion in grants and another $11 billion in loans to build semiconductor plants in four states — the biggest project to date in his push to bring chips manufacturing back to America.

The funding comes from the CHIPS and Science Act passed by Congress in 2022 to pour more than $52 billion into projects to dramatically boost U.S. production of the tiny electronic devices found in everything from cars to cell phones to military weapons.

The deal with Intel — which is preliminary and still involves due diligence to finalize — will see the company invest more than $100 billion of its own money into the projects. Intel expects to offset that investment by claiming as much as $25 billion in investment tax credits, the company's CEO Pat Gelsinger told reporters.

All told, Biden said the Intel projects will create nearly 30,000 construction and factory jobs. They are an example of the kinds of jobs he is campaigning on as he makes his pitch for a second term — jobs made possible by his brand of government intervention in the private sector, an industrial policy that had, for decades, fallen out of fashion.

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NPR is a state propaganda radio station, so this is propaganda. Besides, this is just government spending: they spend money on something that may or may not be good for people. But there is work for this reason: the United States believes it is important to *become* a semiconductor manufacturing country and spend money to expand this industry. And if there are people employed in semiconductors, there are people employed around them: cooks, hotel owners, taxi drivers, cleaners. etc So there are jobs in the United States.

I just talked to a potential tenant, he just got a job in Austin in the semiconductor industry. We have that here in Austin: big Samsung and Tesla, and semiconductors in general.

I also agree that all countries should try to become leaders in semiconductor manufacturing (even Colombia and Venezuela). Semiconductors are the brain of AI. Over time, those things will have rights equal to human rights, will function better than humans, etc. It is an important industry.


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