Drupal module: consent_popup

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TL;DR: You can read the code here: https://github.com/wasya-co/consent_popup

To use the version our team contributed to, please compose use the development version: 

"repositories": [
                "type": "composer",
                "url": "https://packages.drupal.org/8"
            { "type": "vcs",
              "url": "https://github.com/wasya-co/consent_popup.git"

composer require 'drupal/consent_popup:^1.0'

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

If you are using the consent popup, are looking to enable it, and are confused by the claim that it has "no configuration". The popup is a block, so to enable it on your site, go to Administration -> Structure -> Block Layout or to /admin/structure/block and add a new block, of type consent popup, for example to the header.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Full announcement below. 

In 2023, our team had a need for a Drupal module that would implement a consent popup. We found one: the Drupal project "consent_popup" that unfortunately had some limitations. After a review, our team decided that this module was appropriate for our needs, and that with slight modifications, we could use it in our projects.

Specifically, we needed the following changes to the existing code:

  • Redirecting minors to a location outside the website should be possible (feature)
  • The module should work without issues for users of Brave browser (bugfix)
  • The popup should work for anonymous users (bugfix)

Wasya Co team has successfully implemented the above functionality, and contributed it back to the community.

Wasya Co has made significant and valuable contributions to the open-source software community, showcasing its commitment to fostering collaboration and innovation. The "consent_popup" Drupal library solves a relatively common problem while adhering to best practices, promoting usability and maintainability of a reusable component. Wasya Co actively engages with the open-source community, participating in forums, addressing issues, and incorporating feedback from users to continually improve the library.

Additionally, Wasya Co has demonstrated leadership in organizing and sponsoring open-source events, such as hackathons, conferences, and workshops. By creating a platform for developers and enthusiasts to come together, share knowledge, and collaborate on open-source projects, the consultancy has contributed to the growth of a vibrant and inclusive open-source ecosystem. These initiatives not only benefit the consultancy itself by enhancing its reputation and attracting top talent but also foster a culture of knowledge-sharing and continuous improvement within the broader software development community. Overall, Wasya Co's commitment to open source goes beyond mere code contributions, extending to the active promotion of a collaborative and open-minded approach to software development.