Work in Progress: Iron Warbler, Trading Platform UI

Welcome to a sneak peek into the evolution of our trading platform's user interface! In this article, we're excited to unveil a work-in-progress glimpse of our upcoming UI enhancements, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the design process and the thoughtful considerations driving our development. While still incomplete, these previews showcase our commitment to improving user experience, refining functionality, and ultimately empowering traders with an intuitive and efficient platform. Join us as we navigate the journey of creation, inviting you to witness the transformation firsthand.

These are already obsolete, at the same time as the work-in-progress is far from complete, but I figured I'd share these screenshot of an analytical UI. Perhaps it would be inspiring to someone, even to me in the future, and perhaps archiving these screenshots would be useful for posterity. Without further ado:



This view is supposed to give a very visual representation of your positions(s). Positions can be segmented by-strategy, by-purse (its just a tag, really), by-stock, and by-expiration. 

This view is also supposed to prevent bias and increase clarity. The scale doesn't adjust only because volatility rises. The size of the position is very visual: if some leg of the position is oversized, you should be able to see it here. 

Red means loss and green means gain, but also right means loss and left means gain; cyan means long and orange means short. I've intended to intentionally break away from common normatives in order to help the viewer remove their biases, when looking at a visual representation of the numbers. 

By challenging traditional color associations and introducing unconventional directional cues, our aim is to encourage users to approach the visual representation of data with a fresh perspective, fostering a more objective and insightful analysis of trading performance.

In embracing this departure from the norm, we strive to empower traders to make informed decisions based on raw data rather than preconceived notions, ultimately promoting greater clarity and precision in their trading endeavors.

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