The importance of KPI's

KPI's are very important. My manufacturing is all about KPI's. I cannot have anything, cannot take any action, without it being recorded and documented, and since I'm about growth and optimization (after finding profitable areas to work in, but I have already found them, thru belief and DNA, not thru numbers: the infinite bizplan, supply chains, selling of digital services, marketplaces, installing warez for them, and sales. So in a way, I have to always be results-driven. (And I can only say it safely since Identity commands it. If I only chased numbers, it's be all short-profit quick wins that eventually leading to eventual corruption.

What are my numbers, by the way? After udra, after maintenance, it's number of ad messages I send out, to how many leads have I reached out today.

Instead of interviewing... privately, I should televise it. I'm spending the time anyway, right? And if I have followers watching me, I really, really would give best answers. Because before, I wasn't even trying. This is my solution to not wanting a job! I'll ask the interviewers to sign a disclosure agreement, then invite them and livestream on youtube! Maybe even get people talking about me.

I've noticed they're all talking about the same thing! George Gammon, well I got over to him from the superstonk guys, and from him to Jim Rogers, Get Wealthy Education, and this macro crowd is talking about the same thing, or similar things.

I was wondering how to be smart like George Gammon - well, first of all he records and publishes every day, and second, with these podcast interviews, the interviewer needs to know exactly what to ask.

So in a way I have to be social and publishing (right there next to selling and developing! as part of core work). People need to know about me. In the simplest sense, I'll just repeat what they say, back to them and to anyone else listening.

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