20230518 Site Updates

It's been a while! But I have implemented many changes and improvements, on the front and back ends.

Of note on the backend:

  • The site is now three separate apps that act as one. The site is served by wordpress, rails, and opencart all at once! There is some trickery that I implemented on load balancer level to make that happen. I plan to outline the method and the process of doing so, in a separate post.
  • I have switched from google analytics to a hosted analytics platform. This was surprisingly difficult, but as soon as it was implemented, I have vastly improved my analytics game. Just being the owner of my analytics engine makes a huge difference.

Of note on the frontend: consistent, steady, incremental improvements to the frontend including but not limited to the following:

  • Vastly improved experience on mobile devices.
  • An ongoing rotation of new and original images
  • Replaced the "usher" guy with the "waving guy 2", as it definitely looks much more professional
  • The main menu is a "template" (a page fragment) that is shared by rails and wordpress. This means that changing main menu in wordpress does not necessitate changing anything in rails, since the source of truth is one. Opencart seamlessly integrated in this as well, since the underlying mechanics are just plain old html/js/css. Come to think of it, I should really write out how I'm doing the integration on platforms on the frontend...
  • And much more! Stay tuned for future updates.
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