202211 Scrum Recap

I've worked pretty hard to be where I am now.

The pandemic has created unique opportunities for me. Taking advantage of them has demonstrated my operational agility and decision-making skills. Having succeeded in addressing the challenges of the shifting landscape, I have emerged from the world-side turmoil, stronger than ever, ready to tackle channelges many times my own size.

Furthermore, I am actively expanding my field of expertise. I've started on the technical track, and have been increasing the number of stacks I serve, having half a dozen of them by now. I have also branched out into, importantly, sales & marketing, the creative track, as well as business analytics and work on strategy. I have been increasing by web presence, voicing my opinions and recommendations more markedly, and releasing more tutorials, guides and explanatory essays.

Lately, I've been expanding into the exciting if difficult area of Artificial Intelligence. Lamentably I can't talk much about it now, because the rapid development work is very much ongoing, and privacy is required for safety.

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