20220920 Site Updates

  • Infiniteshelter_com
    • iterated on next_js config
    • fixed some jests
    • fixed linking/routing in SideMenu, Breadcrumbs
    • deployed! : )

Removed GOOGLE_MAPS_KEY from codebase, it's in config now. Of note, changing the location type to Google Map Just Worked (tm), I didn't even need to push any code, Austin TX now displays a live map on the Left Panel.

Next, I'll re-review the 3D component and iterate maybe on a 3D Location space.

The dailies Location keeps receiving daily updates. : )

  • wasya_co
    • renamed the github org to wasya-co , because it's always been two words, and neither capital letters, nor spaces, nor underscores are allowed in org names on github. So wasya-co seems to be the only choice there, and therefore a natural choice.
    • upgraded Elementor to version 3.7.7, this reduced styling errors. But generally I'll have to move away from the current setup to a more low-level one, where the styling is stored in css files in the theme.


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