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Est. 2013

Wasya Co is a software development consultancy for small and medium Enterprises. We offer innovative technical solutions to complex and domain-specific business needs.


Full-cycle SWD

The complexity of our solutions ranges from landing pages to trading bots, depending on requirements.

See our Preferred Technology Stack.


Generating leads and business opportunities is as important as delivering a product or service.

We offer the lightest solution to improve IRR and the bottom line.

Devops & Automation

We work closely with strategy and business to identify and implement opportunities that improve the bottom line without requiring a full-blown software system.

Business Development

Fundamentally, technology serves business.

We work closely with the departments of the client organization to keep technology well-aligned with the overall strategy.


Ruby on Rails

We use Ruby on Rails for the majority of our backends, for constructing microservices and API's, generating static websites, and for custom scripting.

React Frontends

Our preferred frontend is ReactJs and its accompanying ecosystem: NextJs, SocketJs, Jest, and other libraries.


We are experts at building custom API's (ReSTful as well as event-driven), well documented, test-driven, and deployed at scale.


We recommend and implement WordPress for landing pages and marketing sites.



Modern software tools are expected to be highly usable, to the degree of not requiring documentation. The user interface should be self-explanatory, and the user experience intuitive.

Android & iOS

We use Ionic Cordova for mobile development. It allows publishing to all platforms simultaneously: Android, iOS, Desktop and the Web.


We work in iterative development cycles segmented in 1-week sprints. We do daily standups, and quarterly planning. We use Redmine as the ticketing system, along with a number of productivity tools.



They built the application quickly for me and according to spec. Great communication, great service.

Stephen Kim Business Owner

Wasya Co provided the necessary technical guidance for the team to succeed, in tight deadlines. Victor was a pleasure to work with.

Operaevent Bay Area Startup

Wasya Co delivered a great-looking mobile site, just what we wanted.

Marchesi Design Furniture Store

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