Iro Wor trading bot has been released to private beta – Wasya Co

A historic day! Today, marks the day that I deployed my trading bot to private beta. It’s called Iro Wor. I’ve been working on this for half a decade or so. Another personal project is sort-of finished. : )

Next two weeks will be beta testing. It currently does not place trades, only provides an exact recommendation, and I decide (or not) to push the button. It’s hooked up to a live data feed, and does continuous analysis of the markets. Today, on its birth day, its recommendation has been accurate.

As soon as I get off my lazy bum I’ll continue writing out in English the details of my fundamental trading strategy, The Wheel. Although after recent iterations I’ve reduced it to only covered calls, with some “reckless” credit put spreads as an additional “defense”. All of these: Covered Calls, Credit Put Spreads, and The Wheel itself are common, well-known derivative trading strategies. Still, putting it in writing in my own words should give me additional clarity, as well as some content for future use and reference.

With that, I’m also sharing with you a cute pic of a… motorcycle horse, that has nothing to do with anything, but looks cute. The cute tax.

By Victor Pudeyev

A technical lead and business developer residing in Austin, TX. I specialize in systems built with ruby, javascript and solidity.


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