Case Study: An Invoice Management System for Creek Enterprise – Wasya Co

Creek Enterprise is in construction space: they manage multiple construction projects, and each such project can have hundreds of subcontractors submitting estimates and invoices.

To manage invoices and the work done by the subcontractors, Creek uses “Subcontractor Management Tool”, or SMT. The previous version of it was written 8 years ago, and while robust and reliable, it was getting obsolete and in need of a redesign.

My team was approached to do the redesign and rewrite of the existing tool. We chose a different stack – went from Python and SQL to Ruby and MongoDB. We chose to implement the frontend in jQuery, rather than React for this client. We deployed on CenturyLink cloud using lean custom deploy scripts. AWS S3 was used in this stack for object storage.

The project took several months and was completed successfully. It’s in maintenance mode, and my team does rolling feature augmentation and bug fixes.

Since the SMT is performing well in the company, there are plans to license it out to Creek’s peers and companies that need a similar-functioning tool. The architecture of the tool is modular enough that it will make licensing, and even on-premise installation (for audit and security reasons) a breeze.

By Victor Pudeyev

A technical lead and business developer residing in Austin, TX. I specialize in systems built with ruby, javascript and solidity.


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